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I thought they were very cool. Now people see Iron Man as the golden star of the Disney empire. That is not who he was when they made that movie. Iron Man was a Hail Mary pass. This Spider-Man stuff? Bendis is quick to point out he is not currently employed by Sony and has no skin in the Spider Verse game, but he enthusiastically co-signs the direction the cinematic universe is going in.

We all grew up loving these characters.

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And now the people who grew up wanting these movies are now making them. And not just a crappy Spider-Man movie. A really good Spider-Man movie. Vulture staff writer Abraham Riesman contributed reporting to this story. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Even after playing host to Venom and looking like he constantly needs to puke while his body tries to adjust to the symbiote, the occasional smoldering gaze and attractive smile you see on Eddie makes you wonder if there is any reporter that looks like that in Malaysia?

Just kidding! All jokes aside, Hardy brings a certain charm and machoness to Eddie Brock that can rival Clark Kent's Superman anytime. If you can get pass the weird accent he has in the movie, you're good to go.


Hearing a deep, dark foreign voice in his head while looking into the mirror or walking down the street initially frightens Eddie. Did we mention how much we love Hardy's Venom voice as well? He is clearly the man for it. Despite the ugly and slimy face, creepily sharp fangs, and disgustingly long tongue, Venom comes off funny and borderline adorable at times, especially when he interacts with Eddie.

In fact, Venom is just hungry for live food all the time, rather than bloodthirsty. Having said that, Hardy brings so much to every look, every moment, every detail and every word, that the chemistry between Eddie and Venom is probably the best part about the movie. The witty exchanges and constant bickering between the two takes the darkness away from the whole story and turns it into pure entertainment.

Whether this is a good or bad thing, we'll leave it to you to decide.

'It had to be raw and dangerous' – Def Leppard, Saxon and Venom on 80s British metal

As the leader of the Life Foundation and genius inventor, he is obsessed with creating a future for the human race and developing a way for the greater good of mankind through space exploration. He thinks that humanity has destroyed our own planet and wants to tap into alien lifeforms so that humans can find a home in space. But the smooth-talking visionary is nothing more than a criminal who starts to believe in his own web of lies. However, Drake is not convincing nor is he intimidating at all as a villain.

Considering the fact that he is against one of the darkest and most complex antiheroes, we expected an even darker villain.

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To put it simply, he is just like every other evil genius that has come face-to-face with every other superhero, but less scary and threatening. The only exciting thing that came out of this odd relationship is probably the final battle between Venom and Riot. Now that, is one to watch.

But even in that short period when they are together, there is almost zero chemistry between the two. In fact, the characters show better chemistry when they are no longer in a relationship.

The Real Reason Spider-Man Wasn't In Venom

And when she does, she is either looking for Eddie or asking him to go away. In other words, if there is no love between the lovers, why have them together in the first place?

The untold truth of Venom

Nevertheless, we did appreciate that one short scene when Anne helped Eddie, which is probably one of the most crucial points of the movie. If only they followed the comics in this one. We wonder if we'll ever get the chance to see some real female symbiote a. Lady Venom in action in the future.