A Treatise on Currency and Banking (LvMI)

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The Theory of Money and Credit

I read everything I could find by and about Milton Friedman and then went on to read other monetarists — such as Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer. It was not everything in Monetarist Perspectives , which impressed me.

I wanted shock therapy to end inflation. I reread the Chapter last year I must say I had a very hard time seeing what my problem had been back in the early s. The reason why reread Monetarist Perspectives is that I was able to get my own copy last year.

The Origins of Money

I got a used copy. In fact my copy used to belong to University of California but was withdrawn from the library there and now it is on my table while I am writing this. Monetarist Perspectives is not the only book written by David Laidler I own. David Laidler is hence one of the biggest experts on monetary thinking in the world and it was therefore natural that I asked David for his contribution to my book survey.

And I am very happy that David kindly has provided me with five books that he would recommend to students of monetary thinking. Money and the Mechanism of Exchange D.

The reason I mention Clower is that I think he has been a particular inspiration for particularly Canadian monetarists like Nick Rowe who was very much brought up in a Laidlerian tradition of monetarism. Nick and David are of course both British-Canadian. And finally as Kurt Schuler notes many of the books on money published prior to are now available for free online.

George, you are right, but for once I tried to say something nice about LvMI — I often forget to do that. By the way my readers should look forward to my post on your book recommendations. It will be out in the next couple of days. Have you ever heard of Monetary Theory by Alan A. It sounds very market monetarist friendly.

Ludwig von Mises

It keeps alive the ideas of monetary disequilibrium proposed by such writers as Clower, Leijonhufvud, Yeager and Laidler. While so much of monetary theory has focused on aggregate issues of how national income and the rate of inflation are determined, making use of large scale general equilibrium models, this work aims at the more fundamental question of how monetary factors facilitate the realization of gains from trade at the micro level, how they affect adjustment processes that work in individual markets, and how the interaction between these individual adjustment processes determines the performance of the overall economic system.

The book is definitely worth the attention of any serious student of money. Peter Howitt, Brown University, US Alan Rabin argues that new Keynesian and new classical macroeconomics, which have dominated the literature and textbooks, have crowded the monetary-disequilibrium hypothesis, or orthodox monetarism, off the intellectual stage.

The Foundation

Trying to remedy this imbalance, the author concentrates on what he judges to be the essentials of monetary theory. Emphasizing money s fundamental role in lubricating exchanges and promoting economic coordination, Alan Rabin argues that when the lubricant goes awry, so do the processes being lubricated. Monetary disequilibrium can have repercussions that last months and even years. The book presents the author s interpretation of Yeager s enormous contributions to monetary theory, especially his development of monetary-disequilibrium theory, while also building on the contributions of Patinkin, Clower, Leijonhufvud, Barro and Grossman, and Laidler.

A unique hybrid of treatise and graduate text, Monetary Theory fills a tremendous void in the current literature and will be of interest to scholars and students of monetary theory and economic thought.

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This Mises Institute edition is the first English edition, and it comes complete with an explanatory foreword by Murray Rothbard and a preface by Douglas French. This classic treatise was the first really great integration of microeconomics and macroeconomics, and it remains the definitive book on the foundations of monetary theory. As Rothbard points out in his introduction to "the best book on money ever written," economists have yet to absorb all its lessons.

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Mises shows that money had its origin in the market, and that its value is based on its usefulness as a commodity in exchange. Step by step, Mises presents the case for sound money without inflation and presents the beginnings of a full-scale business-cycle theory. This edition includes Mises's early blueprint, improved later in life, for a return to a fully backed gold standard and competitive banking. How do we earn money? All types of industries and sectors are explored in this title, as well as how earning money has changed from past to present.

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