Alice’s Steamy Wonderland (An Erotic Fairy Tale)

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Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. And it was strong. She tugged at the tight restraint around her leg. Too strong.

It jerked suddenly and pulled back, dragging her through the soft grass. With a yelp of surprise, she dug her fingers into the moist ground as her dress rolled up past her waist and bunched around her shoulders. I knew I should have worn an undergarment, she thought as the wind picked up, chilling her naked backside.

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland (Audiobook) by Melinda DuChamp |

But that was the least of her worries as her foot rose up in the air, suspended from the vine. The front of her body pressed against the hedge and blood rushed to her head. Her hand brushed the ground, groping desperately in the murky light, but another vine caught her wrist. She flailed her remaining free arm and leg, straining for some sort of leverage, and more tendrils shot up to capture them both.

Then a long snake-like strand wrapped around her waist, holding her tight. She tried to fight them but her hands became tangled.

Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land

With a frustrated shout, she hung from the hedge, splayed and unable to move. Straining, she panted from the exertion as a drop of rain caressed the bare skin of her ass. This will be awkward come morning when the grounds keeper finds me. A stem stretched out to her face and the small rose on the end brushed against her cheek. It was soft like velvet, yet slightly damp. Then it touched her mouth and she felt the petals constrict around her lips with a gentle sucking sensation. It kissed me!

She thought with surprise. Another rose closed over her nipple, its soft, grasping folds teasing her flesh to a taut peak.

Grimm Fariy Tales Alice in Wonderland issue 1: Plus Naughty/Nice Covers

Her body jerked in shock. Oh God, she thought. Create Widget. About Julianne Reyer.