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You're so beautiful. She smirks when Brittany unbuttons one more button and looks directly at the camera.

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The Latina can see the skin between Brittany's chests, her shirt falling off her shoulders slightly and revealing even more skin, she also notices that Brittany isn't wearing a bra. She reaches over with her free hand and runs it through Brittany's hair, messing it up and bit and then fixing it a little. After that she reaches over once more and take the bear from Brittany's hands and tossing it to the ground.

She takes her free hand and runs it along Brittany's soft cheek; the blonde closes her eyes and breathes deeply through her nose. Santana grins and takes another picture as her hands slide down Brittany's cheek, and to her jaw, the Latina grips her neck gently before moving down to the valley between her almost exposed chest. When she feels Santana undo the last two buttons she glances down and swallows hard. She opens Brittany's shirt, her hands gliding upward, pasting Brittany small but full breast and to her shoulders so that she can slide her shirt off and to her arms.

Santana's so close now that Brittany's at a loss for words, she at a loss for air. The Latina pulls back slightly and lets her hair down from her hair pin. She licks her lips once more, "You have an amazing pair of breast. Brittany blushes but keeps her eyes up and on Santana.

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Santana leans in and kisses Brittany's lips, pulling the blonde shirt off of her and throwing it to the ground. She has her camera in one hand while her other hand rest on Brittany's side. And even though she can't see, she takes a few more pictures before kissing her way down, not backing away or giving Brittany a chance to think as she gives her neck open mouth kisses. Brittany giggles a little, what Santana's doing tickles, but after a second or two her giggles turn into soft, barely audible moans. The Latina stops and pulls back to look at Brittany,. Is this okay?

To be honest, Brittany's not sure. She was raised in a strict Christian household; she'd never done anything like this with anyone before. And the fact that it's with another girl, she's sure this wrong. But the way her body feels, the way her heart is pounding, in between her legs is pounding…she doesn't want to stop.

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Santana continues her kisses, letting them linger around the front of Brittany's body. She gives a few test pecks on her chest, smirking when Brittany sucks in and gasped loudly. She then attaches her lips to Brittany hard, pink nipple and begins to suck. Brittany tenses and relaxes all at the same time; the sensation of Santana's lips on her body is starting to make her dizzy. She raises her shoulders and moans lightly.

Santana's hand massages the other breast, and before Brittany can do much else Santana is back to kissing her lips. She stays close and watches Brittany's expression.

You're just perfect. She then sets her camera down on the desk by the bed. She pushes Brittany back onto the bed. She's hovering over Brittany now who is getting comfortable and staring up at Santana as she pulls her black top over her head, revealing perfect toned abs. Brittany swallows hard, she can't take her eyes away as Santana shamelessly unsnaps her bra and lets it fall.

She has perfect- perfect breast. They're a nice size, not too small but not too big and full like hers. It's then that Brittany can see the waist band of Santana's special spandex underwear; her jeans are low on her body, showing the V-shape indent below her tummy disappearing behind the fabric.

Santana places her hands under Brittany's thighs and spreads her legs wide enough so that she can between them. Then she slowly, so slowly Santana rolls her body on top of Brittany, her Raven dark locks falling to her face. Once she and Brittany are inches apart she smirks and pecks Brittany on the lips, then she actually licks Brittany's bottom lip and Brittany thinks she's serious lost it. The other woman catches her bottom lip and sucks on it tenderly; Brittany catches on and closes her so that she can catch Santana's upper lips.

The Latina's hands are wandering Brittany's body, learning ever curve and bump that it has to offer. She wants to know Brittany's body; help Brittany get to know her own body. She grabs both of the blonde's breasts, massaging them softly, pulling and twisting carefully, listening closely to Brittany's reactions. When she hears the blonde's breathing pick up, she pats herself on the back. She starts to massage them a little harder, putting more pressure into her squeezes and sucking harder on Brittany's lips.

She starts to grind her hips down, getting a low groan from Brittany. Her hands travel down some more and stop at the waistband of Brittany's panties. She keep her lips on Brittany's and opens her eyes, loving the sight of Brittany's furrowed brows, like she's concentrating; hoping that Santana will touch her some more. Brittany opens her eyes and blushes. She slips her middle finger right past Brittany's outer lips and touches her clit. Brittany gasps and slam hers eyes shuts her eyes.

It's never felt this good when she touched herself there, and as Santana's fingers begin to make slow, loose circles around it she can feel herself tensing. She can feel Santana's eyes on her, feel the woman breathing on her neck as she leans down and whispers. Santana likes how Brittany coats her fingers, how the blonde is so warm and soft.

She continues to lick and suck on Brittany's ear, kissing behind it as she tightens the circle being made around Brittany's clit. The blonde's breathing is slightly heavy and growing ragged, her fingers are gripping the sheets, settled at her side unsure of what to do. Santana adds more pressure and when Brittany shrieks she chuckles. Santana's lips feel so good; they feel so right a natural.

Brittany wants to touch Santana too, feel her and see if she's as soft as she looks, see if her breasts feel as nice as they look. So she reaches under the two of them, grabbing one of Santana's breast with her eyes still closed. She's not sure if Santana likes it but she knows that she does. And when Santana moves her lips down once more, she yanks at Brittany's hair gently, pulling the blondes head back and kissing a line down her throat, to the valley of her breast and down to her tummy.

Santana stops at Brittany's panties and smirks as Brittany looks down at her. She hooks her thumbs around the blonde's panties and slowly starts to pull them down. Santana continues to look up, never taking her eyes away from Brittany. The blonde nods and helps Santana maneuver her panties down. Once they're off, Santana stands up to her feet on the bed and unbutton her own jeans right before Brittany's eyes.

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The blonde sits up and places her hand over Santana's. Once they're down the Latina's legs she doesn't really know what to do, she didn't plan this far. She's suddenly greeted by Santana's very hard and pretty big penis.

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The blonde streaks in surprise and drops her head to the pillow. She licks her slowly, looking up at Brittany whose eyes are shut, her arms above her head and fisting the pillowcases.

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She spreads Brittany's lips with her fingers and wraps her own lips around the blonde's clit. Brittany gasps again and clenches her teeth as she lifts her upper body so she can look at Santana. Her breathing is heavy and she doesn't know what to do right now,. But it doesn't work because Santana only sucks harder. So she goes back to holding her hips. She starts to lick down to Brittany's entrance and dips her tongue in as far as it will go. Brittany squeaks and puts her hand over her mouth as she shuts her eyes.

Santana's lips feel even better down here than they did earlier.

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Santana tightens her grip on Brittany's hips, pushing herself forward and surging her tongue deeper, making Brittany moan softly. Santana could taste Brittany's juices seeping out onto her tongue, but she didn't care because Brittany tasted so sweet. She licked back up to Brittany's sensitive clit and licked that too. Santana loved that Brittany was trying to stay quiet, trying to not make so much noise. Brittany's body was arching now, her legs spreading and closing on their own accord, she was gasping into the air of Santana's room and her body was so hot.

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When Santana started to suck on her clit again Brittany cried out and snapped her legs shut, it felt too good. Too new. She could feel her body tensing and shaking, "Santana-"Brittany tried again. She reached down and tried to push Santana's head away so that she could breathe, but Santana was determined to make Brittany fall apart. So she continued to suck, realizing that Brittany must have liked this the most because she was getting the most reaction from this.

Brittany began to moan and bite her lip, she could feel something; it felt like she needed to pee. And god, that would be not only embarrassing, but gross. George was a devout Catholic, unusual for a Southern town. And that may be just the thing that contributed to her shyness. Boys teased her for one reason or another, she was too shy to hang out with the girls and she spend her days at home playing with her dolls or reading. But that all was to change one day. That was on the day at the end of that hot summer of Laura just turned 18 that year and something started to change.

That something was creeping up for the last several years, attracting attention from many a boy at school.