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American English Trousers.

"to wear clothes" in Portuguese

American English I get dressed. Brazilian Portuguese Eu visto. Example sentences. American English Like panties, a bra is a type of undergarment.

Lesson 9: Clothes

Castilian Spanish el sujetador. French le soutien-gorge.

A Wolf in sheep’s clothing * Original Version

Italian il reggiseno. German der BH. Danish bh.

Underneath Your Clothes in Portuguese

Norwegian BH. Tagalog bra. Esperanto mamzono.

Dutch BH. Indonesian bh. British English bra. Lesson 61 Shopping: A sale. Lesson 62 Restaurant: Finding a restaurant. Lesson 63 Restaurant: At the table. Lesson 64 Restaurant: Ordering food. Lesson 65 Restaurant: How is the food? Lesson 66 Restaurant: Food preparations. Lesson 68 Restaurant: Paying.

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  • Evo Blue Volume 0.
  • Portuguese Tiles Leggings.

Lesson 69 Food: Grocery store. Lesson 70 Food: Fruits. Lesson 71 Food: Vegetables. Lesson 72 Food: More vegetables. Lesson 73 Food: Dairy products. Lesson 74 Food: Meats.

King of Russia

Lesson 75 Food: At the bakery. Lesson 76 Food: Drinks and food. Stepmother Earth. Turkish Literature - Short Stories 5 Books. Turkish Literature - Novel Series 9 Books.

Praxe - A Portuguese academic tradition | General

Sharing English—Vietnamese. Sharing English—Urdu. Sharing English—Turkish.

Sharing English—Spanish. Sharing English—Somali. Sharing English—Russian. Customers who bought this item also bought. Fruit English—Portuguese. Animals English—Portuguese.