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Since the male reproductive system develops first, almost all young clams are males at first. As they develop, the ratio evens out as almost half develop into females within a year. One feature of all clams is that they are filter feeders.

To accomplish this, the clam has a structure known as the siphon. This fleshy tube is like a double sided straw. Water enters through the incurrent siphon then flows over the clam's gills where oxygen is removed. Particles of algae and small plankton are trapped on the gills as well then gently brushed into the clam's digestive system. The depleted water then exits through the excurrent siphon. The quahog provided more than food for the Lenape.

After the body was consumed, the strong shells were used as spoons, scrapers, knives and hoes. The deep purple coloration of the inside borders of the quahog shell provided the Native Americans with one of the materials needed to make the beads that were sown into strings or belts known as "wampum. Nonetheless the scientific name of the quahog is Mercenaria mercenaria, which is Latin for "money, money.

Today, about 80, bushels of clams are commercially harvested in the bay each year. This amounts to nearly half of the state's total clam production. Since the process of filter feeding traps pollutants and bacteria along with food the clams are sent to Little Peconic Bay and Southold Bay for three weeks of cleaning out. The law requires that quahogs must be harvested by hand.

Though this is a time and labor intensive process, it helps maintain the local populations at levels which can benefit both nature and man. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of SILive. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. So simple and heavenly!

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Mom of six young ones here — just wanted to share a tidbit a wise pediatrician shared with me years ago. A tablespoon of most foods per year of age is a serving. Totally eased all my kid-food worries. And my oldest has made it 13 years, so I think it was good advice. Super quick, brag-worthy weeknight dinner.

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How to cook clams

You know what I love about you, Deb? Aside from everything of course!? You make this kind of dish accessible. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself making clams- this is something you eat at a restaurant, right? Done by people who know how to make this kind of stuff, right? They take a holiday? Does anyone have insights? Thanks for correcting that- I am safe for a while then :. My sentiments exactly! And from someone who works near the shellfish industry in Washington State, regular monitoring occurs in the US around shellfish beds, and they are closed whenever the levels of toxins get high enough to cause risk.

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Around here, July, August and September are highest risk for toxins. The Washington Department of Health has an entire program devoted to shellfish with maps of closures; I imagine other coastal states do as well. Recipe is in his Minute Gourmet cookbook. This recipe reminds me of many wonderful meals with Pierre Franey. Thank you!

Hi Fiche, Perhaps some shallots, maybe try a tablespoon of finely minced, and green onions might be a milder substitute? Good luck and enjoy experimenting :. I prepare mussels this way all the time! It makes for a fancy-feeling weeknight dinner.

Are quahogs common on Staten Island's shoreline?

For when guests come over, I like to serve them with your kale salad with pecorino and walnuts. I think that dipping buttered bread into the broth may be one of my absolute favourite foods. In Australia we call this vongole and it is usually served with spaghetti.

I always order it in restaurants. Loving all the garlic here :. This was wonderful!

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My used to be a seriously-insane-picky-eater-child is now on a seafood kick, and this was our second time in the kitchen playing. First attempt: paella, he liked the mussels but was offended at the combination of meats, ha The fresh clams were a major hit, we had so much fun with prep, and he sucked the broth off the shells while taking out the meat!

These are absolutely one of my all time favorites — the clams you found are so small — love that. The clams I get here in South Florida are much larger, so I opt for mussels — same-diff! The first time was at a restaurant and I had ordered mussels for myself and for him, a hamburger. When our dinners arrived, he insisted on eating one of my mussels and then demanded that we make a trade. Wow wow wow wow wow! It was incredibly short on time and effort, and that made the end result even more awesome.

So excited to have this recipe :- thank you! Looks delightful. I made this last weekend and it was my first time making clams. This recipe was so easy and delicious! It took away my fear of cooking clams.


I may have made some extra toasts to soak up all of that delicious broth. Buy more clams than you think you need, because of the ones you might need to discard. You forgot to mention that the clams making a very pleasing pop-pop-pop noise as they open up! We judged our cookign time the same way we do microwave popcorn ;.

But that could change. The second time we made it, our almost 2 year old decided that gnawing on the clam stumps helps with teething. The third time, the night before last, she jumped in whole-heartedly once she figured out she could just pick up the whole clam, pull the meat out herself, and chow down! I have one question. I noticed this time that some of the larger clams had a more earthy, pungent taste. I do prefer the small ones because to me they seem the most sweet, but it might also be luck of the draw.

That our experience has been the same so far. Also, there were no ill effects, so it seems to just be a different flavor. Thanks again! I was thinking about whether there was a better than average sub for the dairy in this formula that would accomplish that dazzling surface?

Wegmans Grilled Clams and Oysters

Loved reading. Apparently there are two clubs in Portugal: those who steam them with wine and those who do it with the juice of a couple of lemons. The second group tends to be more purist and never tolerates white wine and seafood cooked together. After some experiences trying out both options, I learned that wine gives a subtle and undesired bitterness to some seafood.

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Would it be a sacrilege to use white cooking wine? Made this tonight and added a little more butter and put it all over pasta. Delicious and so easy! Hi Deb :-!