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Feb 01, Lianne added it. This book was gift from a Canadian friend who knows I like to keep up with new Canadian authors. Lisa Grekul is of Ukrainian descent and the underlying theme of the story is her protagonist's coming to terms with her own culture. As a child in rural Alberta Colleen, like many Ukrainian children of the second generation of immigration, is deeply involved in Ukrainian dance competitions that take place on the prairies.

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After a defeat at a major cultural festival,she quits dancing and becomes seriou This book was gift from a Canadian friend who knows I like to keep up with new Canadian authors. After a defeat at a major cultural festival,she quits dancing and becomes serious about piano lessons.

Her teacher, Sister Maria, is a Ukrainian nun in a nearby French convent. She challenges Colleen to truly express her feelings in her playing. Because Colleen begins to feel alienated from her rural high school world, she applies to attend an exchange program in Swaziland. This time in Africa ultimately changes her life and gives her an opportunity to expand her awareness of music,life, and culture.

A friendship with a troubled student named Rosa forces Colleen to grow into compassion and self-understanding. The novel can be considered "young adult" with a dose of "chick lit. The "young adult" story told in an engaging style with humor and warmth. Nov 27, Carolyn rated it liked it Shelves: beautiful-covers. It's an intriguing, very Canadian story and I found myself appreciating the numerous references of Ukrainian-Canadian culture. This third generation immigrant story was very compelling.

However, I don't plan on finishing this book as it just isn't what I feel like reading now, it isn't my kind of genre, and I feel kind of voyeuristic reading this while in her class! Mar 19, Lesley Fraser rated it liked it. Am currently reading. Mar 03, Lisa Shamchuk rated it liked it Shelves: past-reads Like my life, very Ukrainian Canadian, very Alberta, very alright.

Mar 05, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: books-that-inspire-me-to-art , canada , , teen-ya , piano , music. It was okay.

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I think I've read this book three times in my life so far. I tend to come back to it when I have a lot of time.

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I haven't read this book in several years, so it was nice to revisit after a while. It's a shame that it was published as it is, because the book really needed another proofread. I found typos - many of them.

I also didn't like the way the author referred to the Aboriginal Peoples as "Natives" and "Indians". See page for example, about the African music students being "c It was okay. See page for example, about the African music students being "civilized". I was suprised, re-reading the book, how much anger Colleen has bottled up inside of her.

There are two instances where she imagines beating up Carla Senko. She's hot-headed, impulsive and maybe even a little arrogant. Her anger stems mostly from: 1 how people within her culture treat her and; 2 how she is treated outside of her culture. Her blended identities make her feel like an outsider almost everywhere she goes.

My favourite parts in this book have always been the chapters that describe her piano lessons with Sister Maria. I think that is why I always return to this book, despite the poor editing, historical inaccuracy and sloppy wording at times. I can really see the relationship between teacher and student.

I felt that the deaths of Rosa and Kalyna towards the end were rushed. We needed more time to process Kalyna's death especially.

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View 1 comment. About Lisa Grekul. In the end, it felt truer to the earthy sound of the album to take a marker and construction paper and draw out the lyrics myself, by hand, in the kitchen. I wanted people to feel like they were watching one never-ending piece of paper and try and make sense of how the whole thing was put together. Next it was about figuring out different ways to move from one frame to the next.

If you look at the video the movement gets more and more involved as it progresses, going from shifts to spins to flips to rips to match the intensity of the different sections. We split it into sections verse, chorus, etc. If you look carefully there are a few points where words are rushed or squeezed in to fit the borders. I love that, perfection is boring! I like the video and I hope you do too! Home Who It Is! That Eric Alper.