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Return to Book Page. The diary shows how his father, an American Geologist presumed to have died in Russia while testing the waters of the Kara Sea for radioactive pollution; is still alive and has discovered an Lowlanders Sci-Fi "The World Beneath Us" is the first novel of a Science Fiction series about a young man, Tommy Lankastern, who receives a mind diary stored inside a strange bracelet.

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The diary shows how his father, an American Geologist presumed to have died in Russia while testing the waters of the Kara Sea for radioactive pollution; is still alive and has discovered and Alien world inside the Earth. The diary explains that in fact there are no Aliens in outer-space. They all come from inside the Earth. They call these Aliens "The Lowlanders". Tommy realizes that his father is still alive and begins his own journey to the Lowlanders' world.

Get A Copy. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lowlanders Sci-Fi , please sign up. Armani was so excited about celebrating her birthday with her friends and family.

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First the storm keeps her friends away and cancels her party, then the storm forces them into the attic and onto the roof. Hurricane Katrina turns her world is turned upside down and inside out. Houses are filled with water, cars are upside down on top of roofs, people are being pulled away by the water and heat.

Armani is forced to grow up a lot more quickly than she imagined, and she wonders how she and her family and friends will make it through. Philbrick, or Zeitoun a biography by David Eggers. Emmy is a young first time mother when her baby is stolen. She is blamed and forced into an asylum as a result of the kidnapping where she grieves the loss of Baby and tries to understand her new circumstances and how to survive them.

Sophie has never really known anyone but her mother, but now that she is 14 she has become curious about people around her. The two girls each narrate alternating chapters until their stories come together. If you enjoy books about teenagers in trouble or complicated family situations you might also enjoy: Orbiting Jupiter , by Gary Schmidt, or Waiting for Normal , Leslie Connor. Callie loves being on the stage crew of the drama productions at her school. Her head is always full of a million creative ideas, but lately her head has been full of thoughts about the handsome older brother of her friend and fellow stage crew member, Matt.

If you enjoy graphic fiction like this one you might also like: Rollergirl , by Victoria Jaieson, or Awkward , by Svetlana Chmakova. Tags: acting , drama , friendship , graphic novel , identity , love stories Posted in Library News Comments Off on Drama. On the first day of high school, freshmen are put into orientation groups.

Each group is tasked with doing a collaborative project together so they bond with one another, and this group decides to write letters to their future selves. Then they decide to hide the letters until graduation when they will find each other and read them aloud. Each of the students in this group have their own path through high school; some of their stories overlap but some of the group never cross paths again until graduation.

Some stories are full of heartache, some are frustrating and some joyful; just like a real high school experience most stories are full of a little of everything. Getting the group together after graduation might be more challenging than they ever could have suspected as naive freshmen, and it might not be possible to revisit the letters after all.

Time will tell. Graphic Novel by Victoria Jamieson, pages, Grades 6 and up. She has it all planned out: Nicole and she will go to derby camp in the summer and become the best jammers in the club, but life has a way of not always turning out the way you think.

Next thing you know Astrid is signed up for the camp alone, can hardly skate to save her life, and has to walk a long way to get home every day by herself in the hot sun. The whole thing is a lot more work than she had bargained for, but she is tough and soon learns that in life just like in roller derby you have to learn to be strong and pick yourself up when you find you have been knocked down.

His dad is struggling so much that he cannot offer Matt any support. Ray offers him a job at the funeral home, but he is sure this is the last thing he wants to do. Somehow listening to the people share what they loved about the person who had died, and what they will miss and how they experience grief, helps Matt process his own grief.

She has had a hard go of it herself, but her positive nature inspires Matt and helps him heal. To make matters worse there is a darkness that is spreading across England and sucking up all the magic in its path called the Mysterious Hum Drum. Simon feels like he is cursed or something because the Hum Drum seems to find Simon wherever he is.

If you enjoy this book, you might also like Eleanor and Park , by Rainbow Rowell. Tamaya and Marshall have been walking to and from school together since they were in elementary school even though they are two years apart. This year Marshall is having some trouble with a bully in his grade, and Tamaya is feeling for him. One day Marshall takes a strange route home to avoid the bully, Chad, and they find some strange mud in the woods.

What is this fuzzy mud? Is Tamaya allergic? Is it contagious? It turns out it is something a lot more sinister than poison oak or stinging nettle and now the whole town, or maybe the whole world might be at risk. This year she is about to start middle school in a new neighborhood which gets her contemplating her identity.

Looking for Book Name. Has character named: Ronin.

She is not the only thinking about their dad, her little sister is convinced she can get him to come to her birthday party and Amber feels like she needs to help set her sister straight; their dad is not coming home for that or anything else anytime soon.

If you like epistolary novels novels written like journals or a series of documents you might also enjoy: Absolutely Normal Chaos , by Sharon Creech, or Regarding the Fountains , by Kate Klise.

Graphic Novel by Dasha Tolstikova, pages, Grades 6 and up. Echo is a book of connected stories all following a particular musical instrument through time. The first takes place in Germany at the beginning of World War 2, A neighboring family has asked them to oversee their farm in trade for partial ownership.

Their neighbors are Japanese and have been forced to move to internment camps after Pearl Harbor was attacked and leave their farm unattended. Will the family be safe there? Tags: brothers and sisters , fantasy , friendship , historical fiction , music , survival Posted in Library News Comments Off on Echo. Joan is basically treated like a house slave by her brothers and her father. She cleans, cooks and tends to their animals all day everyday for not a penny. When her mother was alive her father at least allowed the egg money to be hers, but Joan is only 14 and her father cannot see why she would need money of her own.

She has read the three she owns over and over. One day her teacher comes by to see why she no longer attends school. Next, Joan tries to demand the egg money without success, and then she decides to go on strike to show her father how hard she works and that they really need her. This plan backfires because instead of learning to appreciate her more, her father burns her books to teach her a lesson; the only thing in her life that bring her joy are gone.

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That is the last straw; Joan decides to run away and try to become a hired girl in Baltimore. This had just happened to Suzy at the end of the school year last June. Suzy was fed up with Franny and her clique and they had not seen each other all summer. Sometimes friends just grow apart, sometimes friends just need a little break; Suzy knew that.

But then her mother got the phone call; Franny drowned. Her best friend was dead, really dead.

And, now Suzy cannot understand how this can be true; Franny knows how to swim after all. Suzy is convinced it must have been some kind of freak Jellyfish sting accident, and she is determined to prove it. They say he got kicked out of his last school for beating up a teacher. They also say he is angry, mean and prone to violence, but Jack sees him differently. Jack is patient with Joseph and eventually Joseph opens up and shares his secret; he is a father, and all he can think about is getting back to see his baby, Jupiter.

In Paris a little girl named Marie Laure becomes blind, and her father creates a miniature city for her, a replica of their neighborhood, so that she can learn to navigate their neighborhood even without sight. Her father is building her a new miniature that represents the town by the sea when he is captured and taken away. In Germany Werner is growing up in an orphanage.

Life is not easy, but he and his sister manage and at least they have one another. Werner soon discovers that he enjoys taking things apart; one of the first things he dissembled and rebuilt was a radio. As it turns out, Werner has a special talent for radios and is soon fixing things at the orphanage, in fact, he is so good that the Hitler Youth hear about him. Werner is not really old enough to join, but they want him so much that they add a couple of years to his age so that they can recruit him.

Werner is happy to be appreciated, but finds himself working among some of the most despicable people in the Nazi army, luckily he keeps his sister in his heart writing her as often as he can; this may be what keeps him human in the midst of the terrible violence of World War II.