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Have you ever wondered what Fifty Shades of Grey would be like if it was a love story between two men?

Funny, whip-smart, and sexy as hell, this book will have you laughing in one breath and making heart eyes in the next. And the best part? Beautiful Bastard is a hilarious enemies-to-lovers romance that brings the heat. Important reasons to read this book: 1.

75 Best Erotic and Steamy Romance Novels

Lexie is going to Spain for a business trip… a trip that includes some one-on-one time with her crazy-hot coworker. Lexie is the boss in the boardroom, but Dane is the boss in the bedroom. Which makes this office romance not suitable for work. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us.


Book Length: Novella - Pages. Captain Faros has to repay a debt to shady merchants or his ship is forfeit. The last thing he needs is the sexy Earther distracting him from his mission. Genre: Erotic , Paranormal , Steamy.

Waking up, tied to a bed, his amusement transforms into lust as a beautiful stranger heals his beast. Intrigued by his mysterious savior, the tables But then my new lover introduced me to his two gorgeous friends and their Ocean's Eleven style plan. After a steamy night of fun, my new lover tells me a secret. The casino where we work is a front for Book Length: Short Story - Pages.

Years ago, she faced an unspeakable tragedy that left her crippled socially.

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Her life consists of her career and coming home to an empty house devoid of love. That all changes when she meets a mysterious stranger.

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One who's a dead ringer Instead, he issues an ultimatum—submit to him in the bedroom, or go Genre: Contemporary , Dark , Erotic. The lore of a thousand peoples and places, their magics and their beliefs all evolved over the passage of time and now walking the Earth as this male — Lore. Genre: Erotic , Other , Paranormal. The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization.

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Genre: Erotic , Military , Suspense. Falling in love is even harder Determined to prove herself capable of moving on with her life, Genre: Contemporary , Erotic , New Adult. The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer. Miami Beach—sun, sand, and string bikinis.

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