Romero and Julian (As We Like it Anthology)

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The hive wants nothing to do with Sara. Nor does class clown Delbert Thrash, nor any of theother kids for that matter. Sara makes friends with homeless Mr. He tells Sara stories, stories that not only entertain her buthelp her discover resources within to cope with her loneliness and frustration. Unfortunately, only Sarahas ever seen him. Sara discovers every dark cloudhas even darker clouds pushing past. When she turns to Mr.

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Can Sarah use Mr. Not only does Seeing Jesus deliver a humorous, coming of age story, suitable for Christmas reading, thenovel introduces young readers to questions of spirituality and philosophy. Without turning doctrinaire,Seeing Jesus provides readers a chance to address questions they will confront in the news, their classesand professional lives.

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  • Stephens, a professional educator and writer, developed a number of innovative classroom programs forexceptional and at-risk youth. Stephens plans to release an extended version of Seeing Jesus for adults in Stephens and his wife Carol rescue cats for Austin Siamese Rescue, and have successfully found homes formore than abandoned and elderly cats since They live in Oak Hill, Texas, once a ruralcommunity but now an exit ramp from Austin.

    Seeing Jesus is available on Kindle unlimited and in paperback. The Human Relations Indie Book Awards were founded in as a way to recognize indie authors who write on human relations topics. Indie authors from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines submitted books on topics ranging from self-help subjects to human relations memoirs that delve into both personal and professional subjects.

    The complete list of categories and winners have been posted online. Riding the wave of youthful exuberance,full of confidence and enthusiasm, he seems set to sail up the ladderof corporate success. As if by conspiracy with destiny, two unrelated events occur withindays of each other and his ideal life is suddenly and brutallytransformed.

    Andy is falsely accused of a breach of confidence and unethicalconduct within his working environment and while busy trying todeal with that, he is called upon to help a distraught girl friend on atrip to her homeland of war torn Rhodesia. Mason is wholly unprepared for the tragedy that follows and he isleft bitter and angry in a land ripped apart by racial injustice,political intransigence and civil war. His corporate ambitions intatters and his emotions in disarray, he enrolls in the Rhodesianmilitary where he evolves to become a hardened and respectedcombatant with the elite Special Air Services.

    Returning wounded from an ill-fated mission, Andy discovers that Alyson is pregnant and they decide tomarry. However, on their wedding night, a devastating incident has a dramatic impact on their union, whichinevitably exposes an underlying secret liaison of deceit and betrayal with far reaching and catastrophicconsequences. The tragedy of the times is symbolized in Andy's prosperity, his courage in the face of adversity and theprogressive downward spiral as everything around him gradually decays. As one heartbreak follows another, Andrew's emotional strength is sapped and his decline into alcoholismleaves him vulnerable and reckless.

    Wanda Luthman - Indie Author Tell us a bit about yourself. I wrote books and poems. I loved to keep a journal. One day, I woke up with a whole story in my mind burning to get out. I wrote it down as fast as I could. It became my first published book, The Lilac Princess. This creates a powerful role model for them. Role models helpchildren to grow up to be the best children they can be. Readers will go on thisjourney with little birdie as he grows up. A fun, sweet book with a sentimental ending.

    If not, it can take me several days with some frustrating moments inbetween pulling my hair out.

    As We Like It Series

    No, because stories just come to me, usually. I will usually re-read right away and fix what jumps out at me. Then, I let it alone for a while and let myunconscious work. When I come back, I go through it with fresh eyes. You have to appeal to the children and then market tothe parents.

    I also market to teachers. I self-publish.

    I blog consistently and am all over social media. I also freelance write for local magazines. On Amazon or from me at wandalu64 gmail.

    Milne and Emily DickinsonLinkswww. They get into a bit oftrouble and Gloria has to make a lifesaving decision. It all happened in but thesepeople are still in business and are still ripping novice authors off as fast as they can get their attention.. Author House, Xibris, I. Universe and Partridge are all part of the Author Solutions stable and as a victimof their extortionist tactics and unethical business practices, I reserve the right to share my experiencewith authors on a global scale.. I was assisted in publishing my first book by Author House. I was mega impressed by the speed andefficiency with which the whole process came together.

    I had paid them a fee, which I considered fair andbelieved that I had received value. It took some time for the dawn of reality to emerge and by then I had been suckered in like sheep to theslaughter. Reality being that a produced book is their access to your wallet. I was given a glowing resume' of how they had helped obscure authors out of obscurityand into the spotlight of publishing fame.

    Skeptical, I was, but when presented with what they had inmind, I had to admit that it sounded pretty damn good. What they delivered was vastly different from thepackage I had paid for and the money I had laid out was a total waste. So you need to get some printed for distribution inthe States.

    Yeah right!! It took me 3 months after I haddiscovered the marketing fraud to get answers as to the status of the books and eventually establishedthat they were in a warehouse in Ohio awaiting orders from online booksellers.. No active promotion, noflying off shelves, no marketing plan and no intention to honour their undertaking.