Science, Evolution, and Creationism

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Below are some excerpts from the rebuttal:. Two years later, the U. What follows is a discussion of some of the errors in Science, Evolution, and Creationism.

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However, a number of biologists have concluded that that the T3SS was not a precursor to the flagellum. Moreover, microbiologist Scott Minnich explained during the Kitzmiller trial that the fact that some sub-components of the flagellum can perform other functions is not sufficient to demonstrate a Darwinian explanation for the origin of the flagellum because there is still a huge leap in complexity from a the needle-nosed pump to a flagellum.

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The unresolved challenge that the irreducible complexity of the flagellum continues to pose for Darwinian evolution is summarized by William Dembski:. Evolutionary biology needs to do better than that. Pallen et al. We have been able to provide functional assignments to many conserved, but previously unrecognized, flagellar genes in diverse systems, emphasizing the continuity of flagellar structure and function.

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In , Tennessee schoolteacher John Scopes incriminated himself for teaching evolution in a classroom, purposefully challenging a state law prohibiting evolution from being taught. The trial was intended to generate publicity, and it worked like a charm. The cast was star-studded: Famous attorney Clarence Darrow defended Scopes, while the three-time populist Presidential candidate Williams Jennings Bryan prosecuted.

Americans listened to the court proceedings over the radio. The Tennessee Supreme Court later overturned the verdict on a technicality, but upheld the law preventing evolution from being taught. After the trial, other states enacted their own anti-evolution laws. But gradually, the anti-evolution movement lost steam, and evolution snuck back into textbooks.

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  • The teaching of evolution versus creationism was spotty until The Soviet Union had just launched the Sputnik satellite, and the United States was facing a shortage of mathematicians. Eisenhower and Congress passed the National Defense Education Act, a funding bill designed to improve science education. The teaching of evolution got a shot in the arm from new textbooks, authored by scientists, made possible by the Act.

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    For all its drama, the Scopes Trial did not settle the issue of whether prohibiting evolution education in schools was unconstitutional. In , the Supreme Court finally weighed in.

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    In , the Court, in the case Epperson v. Arkansas, determined that such bans violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment , which prohibits the government from establishing religion.

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    • In , the Supreme Court made another strike against creationism , using the same argument in Edwards v. Aguillard, which centered around a Louisiana law requiring that if evolution were taught, "creation science" must be taught alongside it.

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      As creationism lost in court, opponents of evolution turned toward arguing for "intelligent design," the idea that a creator guides the process of evolution. In , a local school board in Dover, Penn. Parents took the district to court. In the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover, the judge ruled that the school board's rule was, in fact, unconstitutional. Intelligent design, the decision argued, is a religious theory, not a science.