The Enigma of the Suicide Bomber: A Psychoanalytic Essay

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As a number of empirical studies have demonstrated, the role of personal causes such as psychological hardships, despair, feelings of humiliation, and aspirations for restored identity, familial honor, and revenge could be considered as key stimuli for individual engagement in suicide attacks. Kim Cragin and Sara A. See Edwin S. Gambetta, p. Diego Gambetta, p. Ami Padahzur, p.

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David Macey, London: Pluto Press. What motivates suicide terrorism? Essay, 16 Pages, Grade: First-class Honours. Mariya Grozdanova Author. Add to cart. Content I.

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Conclusion Bibliography While in recent years suicide terrorism proved itself as one of the fastest growing threats to peace and security and a preferred weapon of choice of terrorists, there is a profound confusion as to why. The Interaction between Individual and Organizational motivating factors Due to the great variety of perpetrators and the fact that suicide terrorism have employed men and women of different age, education, marital status, and family background, the creation of a universal psychological profile of the suicide bomber continues to be problematic.

Sign in to write a comment. Why does someone resolve to take his own life in order to murder other people?

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What is the state of mind which allows him to commit such a monstrous act? This book explores the mental state that compels certain individuals to perform murderous, suicidal acts and emphasizes that, whereas a suicidal terrorist attack can be described as a crime against humanity, its protagonists cannot necessarily be classified as criminal or insane.

There is no such a thing as a "typical" suicide terrorist - each attacker differs in age, sex, family status, culture, and even religion. Indeed, the common elements in suicide terrorism should perhaps be sought not so much in the individuals concerned as in the dynamics rooted in their group, family history or country. It may be extreme situations experienced by the group situations that are either objectively extreme or perceived as such that give rise to paradoxical behaviour at individual level.

What motivates suicide terrorism?

Psychoanalysis is well placed to consider this terrain. His approach, on the contrary, is a humane antidote to zealotry. In keeping with this spirit, he is mindful of the risk that psychoanalysis may claim too much and too fervently, not least in applying itself to politics. I commend this perturbing, challenging, and highly contemporary book: it is a far cry from the twenty-four-hour cycle of rolling news sound bites, a culture to which we become too easily inured.

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What instruments do analysts have at their disposal to respond to the myriad questions which they pose? In this book, Franco De Masi implicitly sets himself this challenge and bravely confronts it, offering us a forceful, eloquent, and at the same time fascinating account. He presents us with an initial exploration of a difficult terrain whose features are both unknown and contradictory; there is never a moment of tedium, and the narrative unfolds like a novel or thriller that is impossible to put down, as we anticipate the final outcome page after page.

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