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ZAB member Dave Blake said he had understood that the figure meant that 30 percent of the time the floors were in use they would be used for performances, and the rest of the time would be for related activities. She said it was because Cosin told her that typical performance venues devoted 30 percent of their time to shows and the remainder to preparing for them and related purposes—a significantly different interpretation than has since been applied.

In a parallel effort, board members, the Civic Arts Commission and others will be taking a longer look at the bonus itself and what it means. In approving the nine-story Arpeggio—formerly the Seagate Building—a luxury condo complex planned for Center St. Most of the space would be used for rehearsals by Berkeley Rep, which has also agreed to rent out the hall at cost to other community groups for their performances. The use permits for the Arpeggio are much more explicit and restrictive, a result, Sanderson said, of the lessons the city is still learning from the Gaia Building.

Tuesday March 21, Links we like: www. Dooming the remains of Support and Assault Group alpha to die or surrender in Gaian orbit. Gaia Publishing - Literature & Fiction / Children's Books: Books

Many launch their smaller support and strike craft and remaining armsmen, medical and engineering components to New Venice before scuttling or surrendering. The rest of the Independent Navy continues to consolidate its new holdings in Sol Space and regroups for further assaults. The First Fleet remnants arrive back in Sol space, where they remain for the rest of the war as a last defence force. Meanwhile, on Gaia, fighting continues. More Independent troops pour onto Gaia.

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Much of remaining Loyalist PDF elements surrender. The Independent Navy Altair Strategic Command consolidates itself over Gaia and begins the construction of a new naval installation. The Fourth Fleet effectively ceases to exist. Over the next year or so many lone vessels in the void between systems limp home to Sol and are absorbed into the Second Fleet or surrender to the Independent Navy. The Second Fleet reinforce Tau Ceti and Kruger further and begin heavily mining the void near most Sol systems on the Independent front. The Independent Navy creates the Galie Strategic Joint Command and attaches the majority of its newer and experienced vessels to it in preparation for further incursions into Sol Space.

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The Third, heeding the call, begin the long, slow and arduous task of assembling an entire Fleet in a single system, compounded by the fact that the Third is greatly dispersed across the border, with many vessels being out of easy contact for months on end. They would not fully regroup for another two and a half years. Independent Morale is at an all time high following the destruction of large swatches of the Sol Fleet and territorial gains across the board. An orbital memorial is erected above Gaia in memory of Admiral Novikov.

Concerns of supply issues and a lack of manpower in critical areas are ignored. On the civilian front, Sol conscripts most of the private corporate fleets to serve in minor peacekeeping missions in areas with a minimal Fleet presence, but which are not directly at risk of Independent attack. Prices rise in many areas. Morale is low. The Second Fleet deploys station-based kinetic artillery and missile mines near the Sirius gateway and prepare for a siege. Oddly, and of note, midway through July a Gateway Installation worker is killed in an electrical explosion.

It is quickly discovered that the worker is not, infact, human, as previously thought, but a Poistronic brain inhabiting a complex human chassis covered in synthetic flesh. Questions abound, colleagues recall knowing the worker for years. Many questions are raised and left unanswered by the incident. Root remains silent on the matter. Sasha Alistratova of the Gaian Planetary Police Force is assassinated while inspecting a section station in southern Gaia.

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  • Colonel Montgomery is rumoured to be personally involved though the identity of the killers is not discovered. Retaliatory raids and even harsher action from the Independent created Police Force begin.

    Many perish in the witch hunt. After two weeks of vicious combat, the Altair system is fully in the hands of the Third Fleet, freeing up Second Fleet defenders in the Kruger system who advance to reinforce. Independent Morale is at an all time low following news of the destruction of the Sirius assault fleet reaching Independent territory. The Independent Navy pulls out of much of the occupied systems, consolidating its forces in Gaia and other Independent systems connected to Altair, anticipating further attacks from Sol.

    Public opinion on Gaia is turned massively against the GCC after years of oppression. Some theorists believe this was the intention of Colonel Montgomery's campaign. The Third continue to hold Gaia, while the Second push out of the Galilei gateway and into Helios, only to find it has been abandoned by the GCC the year before.

    The Second quickly begin retaking nearby systems, met only by token Independent Navy forces. The 15th of June marks the day of the landings, and is subsequently celebrated as "Liberation Day" in the southern hemisphere of Gaia. The Independent Navy is unwilling and unable to mount further aggressive action, and goes fully defensive. The SCG Fleet is, likewise, exhausted and worn down from years of war, and, having taken all lost territory with the exception of Gaia, Admiral of the Fleet Andersson urges the Secretary General to sue for peace.

    Much of the Independent army on the planet continues to fight, either unaware of the surrender order or unwilling to surrender to SCG forces, believing they will suffer retaliatory actions for Gaia. The die is cast, the fate of Gaia is sealed. Gaia and the Gailei system are to be turned into a DMZ between the two states. Gaia itself is split into two, a north and a south with the capitol of New Venice being designated an entirely neutral entity. The Third Fleet begins its long journey back to their own posting, leaving the Second to handle the work of itself and the Fourth while the latter is rebuilt.

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    The GCC slowly rebuilds. Half of its Navy is intact, though they suffered an exceptional loss of life over the course of the war. From Baystation Jump to: navigation , search. Vox Adherent Kharmaani Monarch Serpentids. SolGov Organisations.

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    Maintenance Maintenance panel Task center Recent changes. This page was last edited , 11 February by Baystation 12 user Rowtree. Privacy policy About Baystation 12 Disclaimers Mobile view. This article may require cleanup to meet Baystation 12's quality standards. The specific problem is: Incomplete draft. Please help improve this article if you can. The GCC annexes Providence after a system-wide referendum votes in favour of joining.

    The referendum is widely suspected to have been manipulated by external forces. The GCC proclaims it as a great day for stability and security of the Confederacy. Sol send diplomatic observers to Providence. The GCC enters Valy under the guise of intervening in a civil war that was raging across the system.

    Continental War (Gaia)

    Halley's Comet: Once in a Lifetime NOVA observes worldwide preparations as amateur comet hunters, astronomers and scientists armed with specialized cameras, high powered telescopes and spacecraft look to the heavens in search of the expected arrival in of Halley's Comet. Goddess of the Earth Gaia, the Greek word for Earth goddess, also is the name of the controversial hypothesis that life on Earth controls the environment. NOVA explores this provocative theory that challenges conventional ways of thinking about the Earth.

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    His symptoms, caused by a bad batch of synthetic heroin, were indistinguishable from those associated with Parkinson's disease, a degenerative nerve disorder that strikes the elderly.