The Protector of Central Park

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Title: Mr. Miss Dr.

Central Park

Street Address You'll receive email updates from the Conservancy. You may unsubscribe at any time. Payment Method: Credit Card. Kowalczyk, an alcoholic who worked as a custodian in a local leather business, was not trustworthy. She helped bring pots of food to the secret lodgers and take out their waste. The family had two sons in their early teens, but no one would hide circumcised boys.

Regina, born and raised in Wengrow, chimes in to the brunch conversation. I hear lightness, an unfamiliar bubbling of joy:. My mother was best friends with your mother and we came to visit.

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I was 10 and I played with your brothers. Everyone was so excited to have a little girl, a princess! My mother jumped from a transport truck en route to the death camp, fled into the forest, and survived under a forged alias as a maid in Warsaw.

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I remember her always singing to you. Gloria nods.

The Central Park Five: A cautionary tale of injustice

She barely remembers the mother who sang lullabies and put white ribbons in her dark curls. Kowalcyzk had prepared her well. The toddler fell to her knees intoning Catholic liturgy in perfect Polish. Poland was in chaos, waves of dislocated children and adults flooding refugee channels:.

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That was it. I never saw my Matka again. Gloria was five years old. She spent her sixth birthday in a Lutheran orphanage in Sweden. A year later immigration officials sent her to Canada where a few weeks of visa bureaucracy turned into three years in a foster home. Gloria arrived in the Bronx at age 10, dislocated and confused. Kowalczyk had letters written to us pleading that we should find you and tell her what happened to you.

Central Park Convertible Crib Rail Protector - Short (Set of 2) (Toile)*

Marilyn and her mother lived behind the haystack until winter set in and little Gloria discovered their feet sticking out through the straw. That night, Mrs. Kowalczyk moved the two shivering Jews to the attic where they crouched in the dark for two more years. Marilyn, not yet in her teens, spent the daylight hours peering enviously through a peephole at the little girl playing below.

My parents married in the United States and moved to a farm in the Catskills where I was raised. Rural life was hard, but my family never forgot their debt to the Kowalczyks. They sent stockings, bolts of cloth, and antibiotics for Stenka who was sick with tuberculosis. And always the same question came back:. The family located Gloria in the early s and visited her in the Bronx.

Durga Suite - part 1 “Durga the Protector” | Richard X Bennett

She was a pale, fearful girl. Her aunt sternly warned the visitors against bringing up traumatic topics. Her visitors wrote back to Mrs. Kowalczyk that Gloria was healthy, going to school, and thriving. Their next contact was 20 years later.

Gloria, a young married woman busy with small children had no room for ghosts. The family met Gloria again a few years later. Kowalczyk, Stenka, and my grandmother were dead. Gloria, a professional teacher, had become a Holocaust educator. Her children were grown. She seriously pondered getting in touch with her rescuer but feared that the shock might be too great for the elderly woman.

Kowalczyk died. The stream of runners in Central Park thins.